Buyers Inspection

This is the most common type of inspection and is performed when a real estate transaction is taking place.  All visible and accessible systems and components of the home are inspected.


Sellers Inspection (Pre-Listing)

More and more sellers want to understand what issues may arise out of the home inspection before they list their house on the market.  By taking advantage of a home inspection and making needed repairs up front, your house may be more marketable and spend less days on the market.


Home Warranty Inspection

Before your home warranty expires, it is a great idea to have a home inspection performed.  This way, the home warranty company or builder can take care of the required issues.


Home Maintenance Inspection

Some homeowners have been in their house awhile and have issues start to creep up.  A home inspection can help uncover those issues and give you that all important "honey-do" list.  It's a small price to pay to catch any problems early.


Pool Inspection

Your pool is already a huge investment in time, money and safety.  If you are purchasing a home, selling, or just want a piece of mind, you need to get your pool inspected. 

               2,000SF or less $325
               2,001-2,500 SF             $375
               2,501 - 3,000 SF         $425
               3,001 - 3,500 SF              $475
               3,501 - 4,000 SF         $500
               4,001 - 4,500 SF              $550
               Over 4,500 SF $550 + 0.25/SF

     Home built prior to 1990 $  75
                              Outdoor Kitchen     $  75
                  Swimming Pool         $125
                  Pier on Beam / Crawl Space $125
                  Return Inspection                  $150

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